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  • Went to see a play there and the atmosphere there was truly peasant

    Added July 08, 2017 by Timothy A. Simpson Sr.
  • Great Shiloh Church is a safe place: sound biblical teaching, solid, godly eldership and church leadership structure, focus on youth as the future of the church, serves the community on a weekly basis, plenty of ministries you can embrace, most of all, a humble, transparent, visionary Senior Pastor, who does not underestimate his office, the sheep he has been given to lead, or the God who entrusted them to him. He is joyful, full of the Holy Ghost, a lover of the Word, and a great example of following Christ with all your heart. We are so happy to serve God in this flock! Come, join us!

    Added February 13, 2017 by Marsha K. Griffin, M.Ed.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    i previously attended this church on fire for the lord but this place has made me question so many things about christianity, the lord and what is right and wrong. The pastor himself is oblivious to a lot that does go on however this place is so "click-ish" that you almost feel obligated to fit in. Also, if you figuratively rub the pastors wife the wrong way she will see to it that you are a cast away. A nobody. Forget what you are really there for- God; that doesn't matter. Oh, and forget about it if you have children. You teach them at home to be a leader and not to worry about what anyone else thinks and you bring them to church to instill the love a God in them but this place erases that- in the name of the lord of course and will make your child follow whatever new trend is going on in the church. pregnancy, marriage, relationships- even if its with the wrong person. If they do it, your kid does it. Last but not least, the people they put in authoritative positions sometimes barely qualify. mentors for the young children end up telling them (and i quote) "do what you want to do, i'm busy. Just pray about it." If they are in fact qualified than they act like they're stuff don't stink. Like theyre better than you and you're nothing but the dried up dirty gum on a New York City street. So please, take full heed to my warning about this place. spare yourself, children, family and relationship with God.

    Added October 26, 2016 by anonymous person
  • It is a church like no other. Warm beautiful people who worship God with all their heart. Pastor Davis is phenomenal. I am honored to be a member of this church with numerous outstanding qualities.

    Added September 26, 2016 by learn nancy
  • The church I join is the one I can serve. Unfortunately, Shiloh, at my age, would be a travel hardship. When I choose, however, to have a different worship experience Shiloh becomes a hop, skip, and jump and before long I'm there! Negativity has no place in a church as I've seen in a few reviews. You can never satisfy everybody, but I thank God there is a place of worship for anyone who wants to serve God. I have found the Shioh Congregation warm, friendly, and welcoming. I haven't missed a Women of Excellence Conference in years. I was there on the day, deceased Senior Pastor Davis, cut the ribbon to this beautiful Sanctuary. What a glorious time we had that day! Recently I attended a service in Stroudsburg, and was spiritually impressed with the similarities of the Worship Experience. Yes, a membership change is in the working...I'm praying on it.

    Added September 18, 2016 by Lessie Jackson
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